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All books, rows 3001 through 3250 of 3125 total books.

Traill, Catharine ParrAfar in the Forest; or, Pictures of life and scenery in the wilds of Canada1869
Traill, Catharine ParrCanadian Wild Flowers1868
Traill, Catharine ParrCot and Cradle Stories1895
Traill, Catharine ParrFables for the Nursery: Original and Select1825
Traill, Catharine ParrLittle Downy; or, The History of a Field-Mouse1822
Traill, Catharine ParrPearls and Pebbles; or, Notes of an Old Naturalist1894
Traill, Catharine ParrStudies of Plant Life in Canada: Wild Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Grasses1906
Traill, Catharine ParrThe Canadian Settler's Guide [The Female Emigrant’s Guide, and Hints on Canadian Housekeeping]1857
Traill, Catharine ParrThe Step-Brothers. A Tale.1828
Traill, Catharine ParrThe Tell-Tale: An original collection of moral and amusing stories1823
Train, ArthurOld Man Tutt1938
Train, ArthurThe Blind Goddess1925
Treece, Henry [Henry William]Legions of the Eagle1954
Treece, Henry [Henry William]The Last of the Vikings1964
Tregarthen, John CoulsonThe Life Story of an Otter1909
Tregarthen, John CoulsonThe Story of a Hare1912
Treves, Sir FrederickThe Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences1923
Trotsky, LeonWhither England?1925
Turnbull, MargaretThe Left Lady1926
Tyndale, WalterSomerset Water-Colours1936
Tyrrell, Joseph BurrDavid Thompson, Canada's Greatest Geographer1922
Vachell, Horace AnnesleyFishpingle: A Romance of the Countryside1917
van Druten, JohnAfter All1929
van Druten, JohnLondon Wall1931
van Druten, JohnThere’s Always Juliet1931
Vance, Louis JosephThe Lone Wolf Returns1923
VariousL'Abeille Canadienne Issue 01 of 121818
VariousL'Abeille Canadienne Issue 12 of 121819
VariousLe Dimanche des Enfants, tome 11840
VariousLe Dimanche des Enfants, tome 21840
VariousScientific American Vol 2 Issue 3 Oct 10 18461846
VariousSELECT Comic Tales, From the BEST AUTHORS1813
VariousThe Canadian Literary Magazine, No 1. April 18331833
VariousThe Canadian Literary Magazine, No 2. May 18331833
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 1 (1819-March)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 10 (1819-December)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 11 (1820-January)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 12 (1820-February)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 2 (1819-April)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 3 (1819-May)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 4 (1819-June)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 5 (1819-July)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 6 (1819-August)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 7 (1819-September)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 8 (1819-October)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 1, Issue 9 (1819-November)1819
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 1 (1820-March)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 2 (1820-April)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 3 (1820-May)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 4 (1820-June)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 5 (1820-July)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 6 (1820-August)1820
VariousThe Christian Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 7 (1820-September)1820
VariousThe Enquirer Issue 01 of 12 (May 1821)1821
VariousThe Enquirer Issue 02 of 12 (June 1821)1821
VariousThe Enquirer Issue 03 of 12 (July 1821)1821
VariousTrial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal: Nuremberg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 (Vol. 1)1947
VariousTrial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal: Nuremberg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 (Vol. 2)1947
VariousTrial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal: Nuremberg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 (Vol. 3)1947
VariousTrial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal: Nuremberg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 (Vol. 4)1947
VariousTrial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal: Nuremberg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 (Vol. 5)1947
Vaulet, Clement-HenriVoyage au Pays de Snobs1928
Vautel, ClémentJe suis un affreux bourgeois1926
Vautel, ClémentMon curé chez les pauvres1925
Vautel, ClémentMon Curé chez les Riches1923
Verne, JulesLe tour de monde en quatre-vingts jours1873
Verne, JulesVoyage au centre de la terre1864
Viardot, LouisEspagne et Beaux-Arts1866
Viardot, LouisLes musées de France - Paris1855
Viger, JacquesNéologie canadienne (1810), in Bulletin du parler français au Canada, volume VIII (1909-1910)1810
von Hutten, BettinaThe Halo1907
von Ingenheim, LucianoFarfui1908
von Ingenheim, LucianoL'Amore di Loredana1909
von Kotzebue, August Friedrich FerdinandDe Berlin a Paris en 18040
Voss, John ClausThe Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss1913
Wade, Mary HazeltonLittle Folks of North America -- Stories About Children Living in the Different Parts of North America1909
Waldo, FullertonRex1932
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarA King by Night1925
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarAgain the Ringer1929
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarAgain the Three Just Men1933
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarBlue Hand [Beyond Recall]1927
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarCircumstantial Evidence and Other Stories1934
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarMr. Justice Maxell or Take-A-Chance Anderson1922
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarSanders of the River1911
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarTerror Keep1927
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Avenger1926
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Books of Bart1927
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Clue of the Silver Key1930
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Forger1927
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Governor of Chi-Foo and other Detective Stories1933
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Green Archer1924
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Melody of Death1927
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Missing Million1923
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Northing Tramp1926
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Square Emerald1926
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Strange Countess1926
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Three Just Men1926
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThe Twister1928
Wallace, (Richard Horatio) EdgarThose Folk of Bulboro1918
Walpole, HughAbove the Dark Tumult: An Adventure1931
Walpole, HughAll Souls' Night1933
Walpole, HughHans Frost1929
Walpole, HughHead in Green Bronze1938
Walpole, HughJeremy and Hamlet (Jeremy Trilogy #2)1923
Walpole, HughJeremy at Crale: His Friends, His Ambitions and His One Great Enemy (Jeremy Trilogy #3)1927
Walpole, HughJudith Paris (The Herries Chronicles #2)1931
Walpole, HughKatherine Christian (The Herries Chronicles #6)1944
Walpole, HughMaradick at Forty: A Transition1910
Walpole, HughPortrait of a Man with Red Hair1925
Walpole, HughRogue Herries (The Herries Chronicles #1)1930
Walpole, HughThe Blind Man's House--a Quiet Story1941
Walpole, HughThe Bright Pavilions (The Herries Chronicles #5)1940
Walpole, HughThe Captives (Rising City #3)1920
Walpole, HughThe Dark Forest1916
Walpole, HughThe Duchess of Wrexe: Her Decline and Death: A Romantic Commentary (Rising City #1)1914
Walpole, HughThe Fortress (The Herries Chronicles #3)1932
Walpole, HughThe Golden Scarecrow1915
Walpole, HughThe Green Mirror: A Quiet Story (Rising City #2)1917
Walpole, HughThe Inquisitor1935
Walpole, HughThe Joyful Delaneys1938
Walpole, HughThe Old Ladies1924
Walpole, HughThe Prelude to Adventure1912
Walpole, HughThe Sea Tower1939
Walpole, HughThe Silver Thorn: A Book of Stories1928
Walpole, HughThe Wooden Horse1909
Walpole, HughThe Young Enchanted: A Romantic Story1921
Walpole, HughVanessa (The Herries Chronicles #4)1933
Walpole, HughWintersmoon1928
Walsh, MauriceGreen Rushes1935
Walsh, MauriceThe Key Above the Door1926
Walsh, MauriceThe Small Dark Man1954
Walsh, MauriceTrouble in the Glen1950
Walsh, MauriceWhile Rivers Run1928
Walshe, Elizabeth HelyCedar Creek, From the Shanty to the Settlement. A Tale of Canadian Life.1863
Wandrei, Howard ElmerDanger: Quicksand1939
Wandrei, Howard ElmerThe God Box1934
Ward, Arthur HenrySeven Sins1943
Ward, James EdwardThis England1942
Ward, LeslieForty Years of 'Spy'1915
Watson, Jean L.The Water-Cress Boy or Johnnie Moreland1882
Watson, RobertGordon of the Lost Lagoon1924
Watson, RobertThe Girl of O. K. Valley1919
Watson, William DavyTrevethlan Vol. 11848
Watson, William DavyTrevethlan Vol. 21848
Watson, William DavyTrevethlan Vol. 31848
Waugh, Evelyn [Arthur Evelyn St John]Decline and Fall1928
Waugh, Evelyn [Arthur Evelyn St John]The Loved One. An Anglo-American Tragedy.1948
Weaver, Emily PoyntonA Canadian History for Boys and Girls1900
Weaver, Emily PoyntonCanada and the British Immigrant1914
Weaver, Emily PoyntonOld Quebec, The city of Champlain1907
Weaver, Emily PoyntonThe rainproof invention: or, Some tangled threads1896
Weaver, Emily PoyntonThe Story of the Counties of Ontario1913
Webb, MaryArmour Wherein He Trusted1928
Webb, MaryPrecious Bane1926
Webster, Alice Jane ChandlerThe Four-Pools Mystery1908
Weinbaum, Stanley G.Parasite Planet1935
Weinbaum, Stanley G.The Brink of Infinity1936
Weinbaum, Stanley G.The Circle of Zero1936
Weinbaum, Stanley G.The Ideal1943
Weinbaum, Stanley G.The Point of View1936
Weinbaum, Stanley G.The Worlds of If1935
Weinhengst, HansTur-Strato 41934
Weir, HarrisonOur Cats and All About Them. Their Varieties, Habits, and Management; and for Show, The standard of Excellence and Beauty1892
Weir, HarrisonThe Fox and Geese1860
Wells, CarolynBetty’s Happy Year1910
Wells, CarolynDeep Lake Mystery1928
Wells, CarolynDick and Dolly1909
Wells, CarolynFace Cards1925
Wells, CarolynPatty's Fortune (Patty Fairfield #14)1916
Wells, CarolynPatty's Motor Car (Patty Fairfield #9)1911
Wells, CarolynPatty--Bride (Patty Fairfield #16)1918
Wells, CarolynPrillilgirl (Fleming Stone #17)1924
Wells, CarolynRubáiyát of a Motor Car1906
Wells, CarolynThe Bronze Hand1925
Wells, CarolynThe Clue (Fleming Stone #1)1909
Wells, CarolynThe Curved Blades (Fleming Stone #7)1916
Wells, CarolynThe Emily Emmins Papers1907
Wells, CarolynThe Eternal Feminine1913
Wells, CarolynThe Lover's Baedeker and Guide to Arcady1912
Wells, CarolynThe Man who Fell through the Earth (Pennington Wise #2)1919
Wells, CarolynThe Mark of Cain (Fleming Stone #8)1917
Wells, CarolynThe Mystery Girl (Fleming Stone #13)1922
Wells, CarolynThe Mystery of the Sycamore (Fleming Stone #12)1921
Wells, CarolynThe Room with the Tassels (Pennington Wise #1)1918
Wells, CarolynThe Staying Guest1904
Wells, CarolynThe Vanishing of Betty Varian (Pennington Wise #6)1922
Wells, CarolynWhere's Emily (Fleming Stone #23)1927
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George)Experiment in Autobiography; Discoveries and Conclusions of a Very Ordinary Brain (Since 1866)1934
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George)Meanwhile: The Picture of a Lady1927
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George)The King Who was a King. The Book of a Film1929
Werth, LéonUne Soirée à L'Olympia1927
Westerman, Percy FrancisA Sub and a Submarine -- The Story of H. M. Submarine R19 in the Great War1919
Westerman, Percy FrancisAnnesley's Double1926
Westerman, Percy FrancisCaptain Cain1939
Westerman, Percy FrancisChums of the "Golden Vanity"1927
Westerman, Percy FrancisStandish Gets His Man1938
Westerman, Percy FrancisThe Amir's Ruby1932
Westerman, Percy FrancisThe Buccaneers of Boya1925
Westerman, Percy FrancisThe Flying Submarine1912
Wharton, EdithA Motor-Flight Through France1908
Wharton, EdithArtemis to Actæon, and other Verse1909
Wharton, EdithCertain People1919
Wharton, EdithCrucial Instances1901
Wharton, EdithEthan Frome1911
Wharton, EdithFighting France; from Dunkerque to Belfort1915
Wharton, EdithHuman Nature1933
Wharton, EdithIn Morocco1920
Wharton, EdithMadame de Treymes1907
Wharton, EdithSanctuary1903
Wharton, EdithSummer1917
Wharton, EdithTales of Men and Ghosts1910
Wharton, EdithThe Age of Innocence1920
Wharton, EdithThe Descent of Man, and Other Stories1904
Wharton, EdithThe Glimpses of the Moon1922
Wharton, EdithThe Greater Inclination1899
Wharton, EdithThe Hermit and Wild Woman, and Other Stories1908
Wharton, EdithThe Reef1912
Wharton, EdithThe Touchstone1900
Wharton, EdithXingu, and other stories1916
White, Stewart EdwardSecret Harbour1926
White, Stewart EdwardSkookum Chuck. A Novel.1925
White, Stewart EdwardWild Geese Calling1940
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury)Darkness at Pemberley1932
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury)Mistress Masham's Repose1946
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury)The Godstone and the Blackymor1959
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury)The Once and Future King1958
Whitechurch, Victor L. (Victor Lorenzo)Downland Echoes1924
Whitechurch, Victor L. (Victor Lorenzo)The Canon in Residence1904
Whitlock, BrandThe Happy Average1904
Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T. (Adeline Dutton Train)The Gayworthys: A Story of Threads and Thrums1865
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-06-28 Volume 1, Issue 011821
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-07-05 Volume 1, Issue 021821
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-07-12 Volume 1, Issue 031821
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-07-19 Volume 1, Issue 041821
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-07-26 Volume 1, Issue 051821
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-08-02 Volume 1, Issue 061821
Wilcocke, Samuel HullThe Scribbler 1821-08-09 Volume 1, Issue 071821
Wilcox, Walter DwightCamping in the Canadian Rockies1896
Wilder, Laura IngallsLittle House in the Big Woods1932
Williams, CharlesAll Hallows Eve1945
Williams, CharlesArthurian Torso1948
Williams, CharlesBacon1933
Williams, CharlesDescent into Hell1937
Williams, CharlesMany Dimensions1931
Williams, CharlesRochester1935
Williams, CharlesShadows of Ecstasy1933
Williams, CharlesThe Greater Trumps1932
Williams, CharlesThe Greater Trumps (with Preface)1932
Williams, CharlesThe Place of the Lion1931
Williams, CharlesThomas Cranmer of Canterbury1936